Established in 1999, A Family run Furniture Enterprise which specialises in Quality Bespoke goods. Helping you create that perfect styling for your homes.

The brand launched in a small town called nelson as a retail outlet, A few years down the line Boss Furniture expanded out into wholesale, importing stock from all around the world and supplying Furniture to shops to sell on to the public.

This created strength in the pricing structure and holding of huge volume of stock. After the success in retail and Social Media the brand pushed out, opening outlets in the north west of Manchester.

With  a huge client base up and down the country, we have grown to become a stronger Established brand which is now manufacturing our own range of beds and sofas in our factory's.  This helps us to launch Exclusive Designs which you can only buy from us. 

Boss Furniture has come a long way, the journey has helped us learn about customer requirements in the furniture world and we are able to offer a 24hour delivery service on most stock to improve speed.

We are working along side some well Established Interior designers to offer full property kit out and make over services.